Momentum Biosciences is a private business advisory group committed to accelerating the transfer of new technologies from the laboratory to the commercial environment. Born out of the frustration of LA-based inventions moving to the more established biotech hubs of San Francisco and San Diego, UCLA and Caltech faculty banded together to create a local home for entrepreneurial academics and their new ideas. To date, Momentum has housed over 10 companies in a variety of life and physical science disciplines, helping build the biotech economy of Los Angeles.
Located in Culver City, CA, our 6,500 sq ft facility provides laboratory space and support for start-up ventures interested in moving their technology from academia to industry. We understand that a typical biotech company will spend approximately $1.5 million in the first year, with the majority of that valuable capital going towards infrastructure. We take this burden off early stage companies by providing a comprehensive wet lab facility with shared office and meeting space, allowing scientists to focus time and resources on proof-of-concept and product development.
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